Our Story

We at Raw Earth are committed to
add a finesse to your home décor by bringing to you some of the finely crafted products which combines the rawness of our soil with a blend of modern art.

The products we offer are created by skilled local artisans from around the nation and recreated by us for modern use. We aim at merging contemporary aesthetic designs with the enormous culture, heritage and traditions of our nation.

Our nation is vastly diversified in handicrafts and other hand made products; but those artists have a limited market and mobility and thus their art remains constrained within their local tribe and area.

Our MIssion

Our mission is to help those
tribes by selling their art and craft by providing a better platform. If you
see our products, we bet that you will be lost in the beauty of our artists.
Our art is inspired by natural designs and materials.

When we talk of precise craftmanship, our search ends within our nation. We are dedicated to venture out to remote places to find these art forms and bring to you the talents and skills of these artists. Raw Earth brings the purity of nature in an unconventional art form to add beauty to your homes.

Natural elements within the home creates an aura of positivity within us. We strive to create memories for you through our craft.

At last, our team firmly believes that we need to make conscious choices for a conscious living. 🌍💚